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REI, specialized in the material of instrumentation for more than twenty years, has placed at your disposal its know-how to carry out your projects.
It ensures the partnership with its customers, of the establishment of the schedule of conditions to the mass production. We ensure the technical documentation of these projects and the technology transfer in electronics, data processing and mechanics.


The design of the circuits electronic, traditional, CMS or compounds is completely based on the CAD, of the schematic capture to the routing of the printed circuits.

The documents of manufacture as well as the diagrams, the establishment of the components and the nomenclatures are drawn up automatically.


The design of the mechanical sets and sheet-iron works is carried out using a powerful modeller 3d bringing greatest flexibility and, consequently, an important profit of productivity.

The setting in plans and quotation are automatic, reducing to the maximum the heavy stages of the creation of the documents of manufacture.

The elements created can be easily exchanged with the majority of the applications 3D.


Programming embarked on micro-controller out of assembler and C:
  • Intel 8048, 8051 (et dérivés), 8080 (Z80), 80x86
  • SGS-Thomson ST6, ST7
  • Motorola 68HC05 (and derived)
Application software under Windows© in:
  • Visual Basic
  • C++
  • Java, HTML